The smart Trick of pongal pulli kolam That Nobody is Discussing

I've performed this pongal kolam, final yr. Thought of sharing this as an individual can reproduce for your impending festival.

Kolams    Kolams absolutely are a image of auspiciousness.  It truly is Hindu belief that that the geometrical styles & designs applied with rice flour at the doorway to a house, invitations Goddess lakshmi in to the family, and drives away the evil spirits.

Set twenty dots - 12 lines. Then leave four dots at the two finishes and place four traces. Be part of dots as revealed higher than and erase the visible dots. Fill with preferred colour powders.

- Information about diverse names in numerous areas of India from There are many kinds of kolam designs - line kolams, the absolutely free hand drawing of lines to create a geometrical pattern.

The following type is a component of flower sample. Considering that only a sector of the circle is necessary for your corner rangoli structure, several petals decorated with borders cause this model and layout.

It is really a mesmerizing feeling to see the Females drawing kolam early in the morning. There'll be an invisible Levels of competition going on every morning on who's drawing kolam initial and whose kolam is very best and so forth.

Kolam designs is usually drawn in deferent indicates. normally the kolams determined by dots might be drawn equally by signing up to the dots by straight or cuvered strains or kinds can be made by drawing strains amid and all over the dots. 3. Some Uncomplicated Kolam Drawings Greater sized Kolams

The kolam  is fifteen to one straight dots (ner pulli). A simple floral petal central style surrounded by some flowers and leaves.  I have included some colours  The method is - draw the outer designs over the four sides. Then attract the central floral designs.

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Ordinarily, the Gals clean the path in front of the house. (Cowdung is made use of to scrub up the bottom, however this practise is not in vogue within the cities, predominantly mainly because cowdung is just not very easily obtainable & most entrance path at the moment are laid in cement or tiles.)  Finely floor rice powder is then utilised to apply kolams.

This actually is surely an example of a simple kolam that's drawn everyday at the edge of the property right away right after cleansing the Room. The designs of These types of kolams are routinely quite simple, and don't contemplate as well extended in creating.

Here's a gorgeous Kolam style for Diwali Competition. It’s boundary is constructed from the rice flooring and Center peacock has designed with colored chalk powders. Combination of hues has relevance within the kolam making.

The images in black and white exhibit two intermediate approaches from the kolam model. The really first an individual shows the dot sample With each of the outer floral patterns in 3 levels.

As you can see, the challenging lies in drawing the curves rather than in the inside style. If you are Excellent in drawing curved strains, this kolam is under no circumstances a complex one particular for you.

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